Saturday, October 29, 2011

Smoky Mountain Rain

It rained all day yesterday and as I watched it fall, I wrote this poem:


The rain falls,
The horses whinnied in their stalls,
The rain is peaceful and they love it.

The rain falls,
The eagle cries his majestic calls,
The rain is wild and he loves it.

The rain falls,
The trees stretch out their leaves that are in fall,
The rain feels good and they love it.

The rain falls,
The deer step out into it,
The rain cleans their coats and they love it.

The rain falls,
The bears see it and they pause,
The rain is refreshing and they love it.

The rain falls,
I look out my window as it does,
The rain is God's gift and I love it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What IS it Wednesday??? 10-26-11

I will be posting a "What IS it Wednesday" weekly.  I will take all the pictures that you see.  Some pictures may be easy to figure out, while others you may need to think awhile.  Please leave your guess in the comment section.  I will reveal the answer the following week when I make my next "WIIW."

Here is the FIRST "WIIW".  Good luck!

I Guess I'll Start At The Beginning

It all started about a year ago last month…

We were on our way to church and on our way there we normally passed an RV dealer.  Dad was driving and looked over and said to momma, “Could you picture us in that?“  That is what started it all.

  Since then, we have sold a house (as soon as we put it on the market), loved on some adorable children in Costa Rica, and learned to trust God more than I ever had before.  He has been so faithful and I have learned to love Him with my entire heart.  

Our RV trip began at Tyndall Fam Camp.  We stayed there for two weeks to get used to the camper and finish moving out of the house and move into “The Cottage.“  We took a long time to finish packing and cleaning, but we finally finished on Jo’s birthday.  We were so happy to be done that we went out for my favorite “out to eat dessert,“ a vanilla frosty at Wendy’s.  :)  

Next, we headed off to Uchee Creek on Fort Benning on the AL/GA line.  During our stay there we got to go to The National Infantry Museum.  It was so amazing and I will never look at war the same way again.  My grandfather fought in WWII and I loved learning about how he lived during his service.  I also learned about K.P. (Kitchen Police) and later daddy told me that grandpa complained about it sometimes.  

These deer really liked our Uchee Creek campsite, this was taken from our picnic table!
Me and Jolie outside our camper!

This is the infantryman that greeted us at The National Infantry Museum!

This is a camp similar to the one my grandfather lived in during the war.

This is the mess hall like my grandfather had to clean up as K.P.

 Me, Jo, and DT saluting for our country in our uniforms.

After Uchee Creek, we went to Monte Sano State Park in AL.  After a few hikes, a couple of campfires, plus a visit to The US Space and Rocket Center, we were back on the road.  

Campfire #1!

This is the Pathfinder.  Parts of this have actually been in space!

We found a camera that we could control and watched daddy acting silly!

Now here we are in Pigeon Forge, TN.  We have been blessed with free tickets to Dollywood from friendly neighbors, a beautiful campsite, and a place relatively close to The Smoky Mountain National Park.  We have seen half a dozen bears, visited with close friends, and hiked Chimney Tops Trail.
It's fall in Dollywood!!

Found a mouse on Chimney Tops Trail!!  So cute!

View at the top of the world!! (well, the Chimney Tops)

Messing around in the car on Cades Cove Loop!

I didn't even have to zoom in for this one!!

Since dad’s famous words, I’ve had very mixed emotions.  I’ve laughed and I’ve cried and had some feelings in between.  I’ve left so much to hopefully, gain much more.  I’ve left a house I had lived in for as long as I can remember and some of the greatest friends in the whole entire world.  But God has blessed our family with so much, saying thank you is not nearly enough.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Howdy Ya'll!

Hello! Welcome to my new blog, Hiking With Him! 

My name is Faith and I can’t wait to share my adventures with ya’ll.  Just to let ya’ll know, I will be saying “ ya’ll “  very often, it’s just the way I roll! :) I am twelve years old, I enjoy playing the piano and singing.  My mom and dad are awesome!  They are homeschooling me and my siblings, Jo and DT.  This blog will not only be about my adventures in the new camper, but will also be about my adventures with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  

So, lets get our hiking gear together and enjoy the adventure!