Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chasing The Chickens

O.K. guys, I'm sorry that I am sooooooo behind in the What Is It Wednesday!

For the What Is It Wednesday post the answer is... a parachute!!!  A man cared so much for his dog that he had a customized parachute made for him!  That is so sweet!

Right now we are in Auburn, CA with my Grandparents.  Grandpa has put me to work doing the 7'o'clock in the morning chores. :)  I really enjoy cleaning the chicken coop every morning. (I was being sarcastic, it is DISGUSTING!)  This morning I made a very big mistake.  I accidentally left the door open to their coop and they got out!  I spent about half an hour chasing them all around the yard to get them back inside!

That proved a good point in our devotions this morning, we are as chickens and Jesus is our shepherd.  He spends hours, sometimes years, getting us to go back to where He wants us.  A place where we are safe and cared for.  It was a struggle for me to get the chickens in today.  I'm glad that Jesus sticks with us when we're running around everywhere and make it hard for Him!  So, we need to make sure to follow Jesus in all of His plans for us.  Don't make Him chase us everywhere for years!  Be sure to read Psalm:23 to see more about how Jesus is our shepherd!

Team Monty sends their love from Cali!!!

Loves and God bless!

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