Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wow! Oregon!

Wow! I have seen a new state!!  It is Oregon and I love it!  The shore here is gorgeous, as we go north along Highway 101 along the Pacific Northwest Coast.

          We have been traveling along the coast for a week now.  To all of my friends back in Florida, the beach here is a totally different story compared to yours.  The shoreline is very rugged with rocks jutting out all over the place!  The sand is small rocks, not powder like we are used to.  Try walking on that barefoot for an hour straight after FL sand!!  Oh, and the water is extremely cold!!!  When you are a kid who is barefoot on the beach, what are you immediately attracted to?  The water.  And when you go running in the COLD water what happens?  It splashes up on your back.  And what happens when COLD water splashes on your back?  You become a COLD crying,sopping wet sandy mess whose feet hurt from walking in that sand for so long.  And you know what the worst part was?  Mom and dad told us that the water was COLD and that we would be soaking before too long.

You know, that kinda reminds me of a story from Genesis.  God told Adam and Eve that they would be given consequences for eating of that fruit in the garden.  I exaggerated a little bit in my story I guess, we were fine, although COLD and had found some sea glass and shells.  But, that rabbit trail did lead to a good point.  Has anyone else had a beach experience like that one?  If so, please tell me because I don't want to be a loner on this one!!

             Another beach difference is that there are SURF-ABLE waves here!  Every few waves we say, "Hey mom, could someone surf that one?"  The answer here is ALWAYS yes.  We have learned a whole lot about sneaker waves here.  There ain't no sneaker waves in Florida and that is for sure!  They just keep coming out of nowhere! Check out You-Tube to see what sneaker waves are!

           It is very cool to see the contrast between these two beautiful beaches and I can't wait to tell you more in person in June!

~God Bless~


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